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›VeroMetal® MouldProtect is an innovative metal coating developed for Carbon- and Glasfiber reinforced plastic moulds. MouldProtect consist up to 95 % of metal powders. Similar to invar metal, MouldProtect has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. The product shows very high dimensional stability over a range of temperatures. A mixture of special metal powder and other components is resulting in a cold liquid composite metal. After the drying process the surfaces show similar properties as cast metal. As a matter of fact: it is real metal.

›VeroMetal® MouldProtect can easily be sprayed with a conventional paint spray-gun. Once an item is coated with VeroMetal® the produced surface takes on all the characteristics of high-grade metals concerning impact resistance and abrasion. Compared to the previous plastic coatings systems, ›VeroMetal® MouldProtect has a much better edge strength and abrasion resistance. The coated ›VeroMetal® MouldProtect moulds have much longer service life compared to the conventional moulds with pure plastic coating. When compared with galvanic coatings the ›VeroMetal® MouldProtect layers are much less expensive, looks, feels, and acts like hot-cast metal, because it is up to 95 percent metal. ›VeroMetal® MouldProtect replaces the gelcoat and is also an alternative to the expensive carbon prepregs.

bullet-point PRODUCT

VeroMetal® MouldProtect
■ Metal coating thickness 100µ up to 800µ
■ Easy application – sprayable, in mould, rollered
■ High abrasion resistance
■ Uniform temperature distribution
■ Possible conductivity of 10³ Ohm/square
■ Extends life time of mould
■ Allows very lightweight moulds
■ Replaces Gelcoat
■ Replaces Carbon Prepregs
■ Replaces expensive and heavy aluminium moulds

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